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Decades experience in commercial, industrial and retail cleaning carpeting for businesses small and large


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Robert Hurley- The Professional has the experience to tackle your office, retail location, or highly traffic large industrial facility constantly bombarded with heavy foot traffic.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

I clean your carpets using a rotary scrubber followed by extraction. I utilize a synthetic cleaning agent and a pH balanced rinse. Very little water is used and your carpet is dry later in the day or early the next morning. By using a scrubber insure a deep cleaning on those stubborn spots or heavily traveled traffic areas. My process involves more work, but when clean carpets are the goal, you just do it.

Commercial grade carpets need different attention require different care than residential carpet cleaning and Robert Hurley, The Professional, knows how to get the job done for your office or business. 

Flexibility around office hours, used to working around the office environment and files are not an issue.